A Worthy Opponent
Louise Bergin


Divided Attentions

Peregrine seemed to sense Judith’s frustration, for his smile grew wider. Offering her his arm, he said, “Shall we take a turn about the gardens?”

She almost refused him. Her goal was to attract the viscount. A quick glance showed him engaged in conversation— it would be difficult to break in. Judith looked again at Peregrine. Something about this man enticed and challenged her at the same time. He would not be manipulated by her schemes. For that, she respected him—and perhaps even liked him more than a bit.

Peregrine picked up her shawl from the back of her chair and settled it around her shoulders. Stepping into his arms sent a shiver through Judith. The top of her head came just under his nose. The lemon scent rose from her hair to add to the flower perfumes assaulting his senses. Her skin glowed creamy and soft.

“Are you enjoying the party?” she asked.

“It is not quite as I expected.”

“Is it the company that surprises you?” She glanced at him from the corner of her eye and her tone was flirtatious. Was she playing the coquette with him? He hoped so.

“No, the company is finer than I expected,” he replied with a meaningful look at her. “Shall I tell you of the one I find most fascinating?”