Deceiving Miss Dearborn
Laurie Bishop



He took another step. “I would do anything in my power for you. I want you to know this. I have never known a woman stronger, more generous, more compassionate than you—and to whom I owe so much.”

She gulped. From somewhere she drew strength from sheer force of will.

“You-you are mistaken. I am not so- not so-so-”

He closed the gap between them. There was no more moonlight, only his enveloping shadow, and he reached down and took her arms, drawing her up.

“You must not say-” she began.


“Any more…”

That was when his arms slipped around her shoulders, and his soft lips brushed her hair.


He kissed her hair. He brushed a soft feathery kiss upon her brow. And then he pulled her tightly to him and pressed her face close.

“Annabelle… how can I let you go?”