The Scandalous Widow
Evelyn Richardson



Lucian caught Catherine’s wrist, nipping it around behind her back before she knew what was up. He pulled her to him in a kiss that drove all the breath from her body.

For a moment, the world spun so madly about her that Catherine thought she would faint, but his arms held her captive, steadying her as his lips, softer now, explored hers, begging her, willing her to respond to them.

She was powerless to resist. After the stresses and strains, the emotional ups and downs of the past few days, after having her carefully arranged world thrown into disorder by his sudden appearance, all she could do was cling to him and marvel at how wonderful it felt to be held in someone’s arms again. But she was not just being held in the solid reassuring way that Granville had held her from time to time. She was being enfolded, caressed, treasured, held so close as though she had always belonged there, as though she were part of him…