One Touch Of Magic
Amanda McCabe



Miles framed her face in his hands, looking down into her eyes with a strange, intent glow in his sky-colored eyes. “Lady Iverson— Sarah. This will sound lunatic, but I feel some—connection with you that I have never felt before with anyone. I have tried to deny it, to explain it away, but I cannot. God knows, I would go back onto the most hellish battlefield I have ever known before I would see you have any more pain.”

Sarah stared at him, unable to breathe, unable to think, unable to do anything but feel. Could this be Lord Ransome, speaking to her so passionately? She could scarce believe it. How could he fell the same way she had, that something very odd connected them, something unexplainable but quite undeniable?

She reached up and covered his hand with hers. She had no words, and let her actions be her voice. She rose up and captured his lips with hers…