The Secret Diary
Martha Kirkland


Rainy day dreams.

Once inside the lobby, she went to the window that fronted on Albemarle Street and pushed aside the heavy drapery so she could watch Lord Crighton drive away. Large raindrops splashed against the glass, and outside the sky had grown dark as night. As for the curricle and pair, they were gone, and with them the most fascinating man Olivia had ever met…

David Crighton was a rogue, one who did things his own way, without thought for the danger involved. When she was with him, a bit of his daring seemed to creep into her very soul, making her say and do things that were totally unlike her usual self.

The thing was, she liked the way she felt when in his company. With him she felt free. Uninhibited.

But what of him? How did he feel? He had said he liked her eyes, but was that enough?

“Do you wish to see me again?” she asked beneath her breath.

Naturally, the gentleman did not hear the question, and the raindrops coursing down the window took no interest in the affairs of humans. Olivia was being foolish, she knew that. Even so, something inside her prayed that David Crighton would call upon her again. And soon.