A Hint Of Scandal
Rhonda Woodward


Bella could see the duke’s reflection in the mirror on her vanity as he stood behind her.

Something about his nearness made her stand very still. She found it difficult to breathe as he fastened the heavy piece of jewelry around her neck. It lay cool and sparkling against her collarbone.

Their gazes met in the reflection of the mirror, and Bella saw a smile lurking at the corner of the duke’s mouth. The warmth of his breath was on her nape, as he stood very close behind her.

His long fingers rested very lightly on her neck, and a shiver went down her arms as she stood, as if frozen, in front of him.

His piercing gaze held hers in the mirror, and she found that she had no desire to pull away.

In the total silence of her bedchamber, his warm breath stirred the tendrils at the base of her neck. Again, an exquisite shiver danced down her spine…