Beneath the Skin
Savannah Russe


Vamp this!

You were so blinded by the stars in your eyes for your lover, you forgot what we do, who we are. Were spies, Daphne. Were manipulators. Youre valuable to him and his bosses, Daphne. Sex. Love. Whatever it takes, hell use it to get you to join them.

Js voice was hard, unbreakable, unwavering. He stepped close to me and leaned his face toward mine. And despite the crap Ive taken for doing it, Id do it all again. Exactly the same way.

Just inches separated our lips. Im a tall woman, but he is taller, and he bent down over me. I could feel his breath on my face. I could smell the woody, animal scent of his body. The first time I met J, I had been moved by the tremendous force of his masculinity. I had seen his cold control over his emotions at the same time I sensed the fires raging inside him. I felt them scorching me now. His eyes, ice blue and usually glittering with rage, held a smoky hunger he had never willingly let me see before.

A stirring began deep inside me, quickly turning into a tingling electric charge starting to spread across the surface of my skin. My breath pulled in with a gasp. An entanglement with J was a complication I didnt need—most of all, because it would be a personal and career disaster if I sank my fangs into his muscular, tempting neck. I had nearly done so once. That time my reason had stopped me.

But would it again?