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Murder, She Wrote: Trouble at High Tide
Donald Bain, Jessica Fletcher

First Time in Paperback


After a national book tour, Jessica lands in sunny Bermuda for some well-earned relaxation. But when she arrives, the local population is abuzz over a trio of brutal murders, each bearing an eerie resemblance to the infamous Jack the Ripper killings.

With the Ripper on everyone’s mind, Jessica attends a lavish party at the waterfront mansion of her friend and host, Judge Thomas Betterton. But when Jessica takes a walk on the pink-sanded beach, she stumbles upon the body of one of the partygoers.

Jessica contemplates heading home, but decides against it when her old friend Scotland Yard inspector George Sutherland is dispatched to Bermuda to investigate the murders. Jessica is soon drawn into the case, and she finds herself dangerously close to the killer.

(Murder, She Wrote)
Obsidian, March 2013
ISBN-10: 045141604X
ISBN-13: 9780451416049
304 pages Paperback