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Pleasure U
Carole Hart

Student participation is required at this institute of erotic learning...

In the hallowed halls of Pleasure U, students dress according to the curriculum, in outfits guaranteed to raise eyebrows—and libidos. The elaborately furnished classrooms are set up with one thing in mind: absolute decadence. And one student is about to discover how far she'll go to make the grade...

Getting dumped by her fiancÚ, who was sleeping with a stripper, does nothing for Lila's confidence— in or out of bed. So she embarks on a year of in-depth study at the Babylona Institute, where classes explore every facet of sensuality, and instructors are there to make sure you play well alone—and with others. At first overwhelmed, Lila soon finds herself discovering her true potential in hands-on courses covering arousal, exhibitionism, and orgies. But it's the guidance of her sexy advisor, Ben, that brings Lila extra credit—and a higher education in what really counts.

NAL Heat, August 2008
ISBN #0451224132
272 pages Trade Size