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Sister Chicas
Lisa Alvarado, Ann Hagman Cardinal, Jane Alberdeston Coralin

Sister Chicas tells the story of three young Latina friends in Chicago. They meet while working on the school paper, but during their weekly coffee dates they form a friendship that gives them the sisters they never had, and together they struggle with the normal stresses of growing up: parents, careers, boys, fashion, all while figuring out their identities and learning how to fit their rich cultural heritage into their lives as modern Norteamericanas.

Taina's turning fifteen-and is so dreading her Pepto- pink quinceañera, her Sweet Fifteen.What about her secret Jamaican artist boyfriend? Should she let Mami choose her escort, or follow her heart-and ignite a family riot?

Grachi must choose between being the good Chicana- and grabbing la oportunidad de la vida. Now she needs her Sister Chicas more than ever...

Leni's the rebel-with a punk style and an attitude to go with it. But as she tries to make sense of her roots with her Chicas, her life gets more complicated, especially when her childhood friend turns into a handsome rockero...

And even though Taina,Grachi, and Leni don't always agree on things-like boys, clothes, and music-nothing gets in the way of their friendship.

Sister Chicas represents a collaboration between three Latina writers from as diverse backgrounds as their subjects. The novel has alternating chapters that feature the three different characters, written in their individual voices. When combined the result is a rich tapestry that weaves the story of teenage Latina friends, who refer to each other as "sister chica".

NAL Trade, April 2006
ISBN #0451217705
272 pages Trade Size