Cassie Edwards

Flaming Arrow, January 2008
Falcon Moon, January 2008
Shadow Bear, July 2007
Running Fox, December 2006
Swift Horse, December 2005
Silver Feather, June 2005
Proud Eagle, December 2004
Wind Walker, June 2004
Night Wolf, December 2003
Racing Moon, May 2003
Spirit Warrior, June 2002
Fire Cloud, November 2001
Midnight Falcon, April 2001
Winter Raven, December 2000
Sun Hawk, May 2000
Silver Wing, May 1999
Lone Eagle, December 1998
Thunder Heart, December 1998
Flaming Arrow, November 1997
White Fire, June 1997
Rolling Thunder, November 1996
Wild Whispers, May 1996
Wild Rapture, April 1996
Wild Embrace, December 1995
Wild Thunder, December 1995
Wild Bliss, June 1995
Wild Abandon, December 1994
Wild Splendor, November 1993
Wild Ecstasy, May 1992
Love's Legacy, October 1987

Cassie Edwards

After my children were grown, I found myself restless, searching for ways to busy my idle hands and mind. I discovered my love of writing, and I was drawn to the mystique of Indian lore. What I learned about the Native American people inspired me to bring their stories to life through the wonderful genre of historical romance.

Having lived in St. Louis for thirty years, my husband and I returned to Mattoon, Illinois, when he retired from teaching. My dream house is peaceful and quiet, where an occasional curious red fox ventures onto my sundeck and peeks into my office, and where I can watch swallows building their nest and raising their babies right outside my kitchen window. It is the perfect place to create my novels.

I feel blessed to have found a “second life,” the first having been spent raising two happy and healthy sons. Writing my Indian romances is my small tribute to those beautiful first people of our land who have suffered so much injustice. And I have just begun. My upcoming books will continue with more passion and adventure and rich historical settings. Enjoy!

Cassie Edwards is the world's most prolific and popular author of Native American historical romance with over 10 million copies of her books in print.